Community Health Development Program (CHDP)
Community Health Development Program (CHDP)

CHDP is the major unit of phect-NEPAL to work in community and has been functioning since the establishment of the organization. It aims to: help community to explore their own potential to resolve their health problems, link community health issues with hospital services and advocate various issues of
public health.

Working agendas of the CHDP are:

• Health activities in community;

• Promotion of Health Cooperatives;

• Non formal health trainings;

• Coordination of community based health projects;

• Promotion of Community Health Insurance program;

• Publication;

• School health program;

• Advocacy on public health issues;

Promotion of Health Cooperative Centers (HCC)
phect-NEPAL aims to create an environment where people themselves have right, power and ability to maintain and decide for their health. Health cooperative movement was seen a strategy to achieve this since the inception of phect-NEPAL. Health cooperatives are an autonomous organizations owned and managed by the people themselves. Health cooperatives run curative as well as promotional and preventive health activities. (Currently, the health cooperatives associated with phect-NEPAL are: Women's Health Cooperative Tikathali, Setidevi Health Cooperative, Bikalpa Cooperative Kirtipur, Rajmarga Health Cooperative, Baireni)

Reproductive Health Outreach Program (RHOP)
phect-NEPAL has been involved in running Mobile reproductive health camps in the hills and Terai of Nepal in collaboration with various National/International organizations, since 2005. The program is focused on prolapse uterus and other reproductive problems.

Community Based Reproductive Health and Counseling Center (CBRHCC) and Gender Based Violence Program (GBV)
GBV program is based in Kirtipur Municipality. The adjoining VDCs are operating through the central RH Center in Kirtipur and out-reach centers. The program aims to improve reproductive health status of people as well as advocate against gender based violence through RH counseling, RH care, legal, social and social counseling, educational activities etc. GBV program is technically supported by Italian Association for Women & Development (AIDOS).