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Kathmandu Model Hospital (KMH):

Kathmandu Model Hospital (KMH) was founded in 1993 as an 18 bed community referral hospital. The capacity expanded to 50 beds in 1995 and additional services were added at this time. Since 2003, KMH has been a tertiary care hospital with 100 beds. Despite limited resources, KMH attempts to make state-of-the art technology available to its clients.

KMH envisions health services not only in a biomedical context but also in a social context. In accordance with the beliefs of phect-NEPAL, KMH firmly believes that health services should empower the sick to fight all types of suffering. The hospital follows the principles that health services:

• should not aim at merely curing diseases, but also at removing human suffering;
• should be a mix of technology and human values;
• should not be denied to those who cannot buy services and those who do not seek the services;
• should be made available to the greater number of less privileged individuals in society

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