In order to achieve declared goals and meet vision and mission of the organization; phect-NEPAL
has developed networks with concerned government institutions and other national and international
organizations They are:

• America Nepal Medical Foundation (ANMF)
• Asia Micro Insurance Network, AMIN
• Asia Pacific Health Cooperative Organization, APHCO
• Association of Non-governmental Hospital of Nepal , ANGHOS
• Canadian Nepal Medical Society (CNMS)
• Care Nepal
• Council for Technical and Vocational Training, CTEVT
• DIS-VI,Italy
• Direct Relief
• Fistula Foundation
• Health Cooperative Association of Japanese Consumers' Cooperative Union, HCA of JCCU
• India Develoment and Relief
• Italian Association for Women & Development, AIDOS
• Institute of Medicine, TUTH
• Korea, Food for Hungry International
• Local Health Cooperatives
• Medico International, Germany
• Ministry of Health and other concerned Nepal Government statutory bodies
• Multilateral and bilateral organizations
• Nepal Academy for Medical Sciences (NAMS)
• Nepal Health Research Council, NHRC
• Nepalmed Germany
• National Cooperative Federation Nepal
• National Non-Governmental Organizations of Nepal
• Nepal Health Research Council, NHRC
• Nepal Research to Education Network, NREN
• Nepal Medical Council
• Nepal Nursing Council
• Nepal Medical Association
• Nepal Nursing Association
• Nepal Health Professional Council
• Partnership for Sustainable Development (PSD-Nepal)
• Purbanchal University, PU
• Resurge International Australia
• Resurge International Newzealand
• Resurge International US
• Smile Train, USA
• Tribhuvan University - Department. of Microbiology
• United Nations Population Fund UNFPA
• University of Colorado
• University of New Mexico
• Wonder Work inc.